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Policy, research and good practice work forms a major part of Shelter's efforts to address and find solutions for homelessness and housing issues. In this section you can browse through the reports, factsheets, briefings and policy consultation responses that we produce.

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Response: Compulsory Purchase

Applicable to: England
Published:  June 2015

Shelter welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and HM Treasury (HMT) consultation on 'improvements to compulsory purchase processes'. Read summary and download 

Cuts and Changes to Housing Benefit for Private Renters (LHA)

Applicable to: 
Published:  May 2015

Low-income households renting privately can access support known as Local Housing Allowance (LHA) to help pay the rent. This briefing summarises the impact of cuts and changes to LHA introduced from 2011. Read summary and download 

Briefing: Housing Programme for HM Government 2015-2020

Applicable to: England
Published:  May 2015

The housing crisis has been decades in the making, but with strong leadership it can be solved by the next government. This briefing provides an overview of the urgent steps the government needs to take to boost supply, improve renting and protect our safety net. Read summary and download 

Consultation response - Addressing complex needs: improving services for vulnerable homeless people

Applicable to: England
Published:  May 2015

Shelter supports the approach of the Ministerial Working Group to tackling homelessness, by ensuring that ‘everyone in government played their part in tackling both the causes and consequences of homelessness’. We have long argued that if we are to end homelessness, joint working is required at both a national and local level to tackle the root causes. Read summary and download 

Research: How much of the housing market is affordable?

Applicable to: England
Published:  April 2015

Buying a home is an aspiration for many young people but it is increasingly feeling out of reach for many. At the moment in England, buying a home is perceived as one of the most secure ways of having a home. However, the failure of successive governments to build enough affordable homes for decades and rising house prices has meant that home ownership has become a dream rather than a reality for a lot of young people. This has resulted with them either living back with their parents or spending many years in the expensive and unstable private rented sector. Read summary and download 

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