Learning pathways

Helping organisations equip their staff with the knowledge and skills to fight homelessness.

Learning Pathways

What is a learning pathway?

Shelter’s Learning Pathways offer a flexible approach to training. Pathways can be tailored to meet the needs of groups of professionals according to their roles and experience.

How do learning pathways work?

A learning pathway is created when you work with us through a four-stage process to create a structured programme for your staff.

Needs assessment

We will use our years of expertise in consultancy and training to help you establish the type of training you need. We will work with you to understand your organisational and strategic priorities. You might need a short-term plan to achieve a specific outcome or a longer-term plan to develop the knowledge of your staff.

Analysis of job roles

We can help you identify the type and level of advice and support your staff provide to clients. We can adapt pathways to meet the needs of different teams, making sure your staff feel supported to develop their skills.

Mapping learning needs

Learning needs will be investigated and mapped, with a focus on areas that require a specialist level of knowledge. This could include subjects such as:

  • housing and homelessness law

  • debt and welfare

  • professionals skills

Our approach to mapping needs means your staff can give the right support to the client groups they work with.

Tailored training programme

We will suggest a programme of training tailored to your organisational needs. Our blended approach can combine trainer-led courses, bitesize e-learning and self-directed reflective learning.

Example learning pathway from Shelter Training

The North London Housing Partnership launched a Training Academy for new starters last year, which is now an embedded platform to help fast track officer development. Shelter is one of our main partners, chosen as it offers a wide range of different courses which can be tailored to meet needs.

The trainers we used are not only experienced in their fields, but also very approachable. This is now the third time that Shelter Training have supported our Academy. Highly recommended 

- North London Housing Partnership Co-ordinator, London Borough of Islington

Contact our training team to discuss your learning needs

E: training@shelter.org.uk T: 0344 515 1155