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Be a housing campaigns HERO

Be the first to receive texts with news and updates about our campaigns to fix the housing emergency.

We must hold the new government to account and push for real change that will fix our broken housing system once and for all.

Our HEROs are vital in calling for change

As a Housing Emergency Response Operative – or HERO (see what we did!) – you'll be crucial in making sure the people in power sit up and take note.

You'll be on the frontline of campaign-related communications and urgent actions. HEROs are the first to receive updates from us and seize opportunities to support campaigns as they unfold. Things change in government from moment to moment and we must be reactive to this.

Anyone can be a HERO

As a HERO, you'll receive texts with actions you can take that will add power to our campaigns. This could be:

  • an urgent petition that needs your signature

  • a blog post to read and share outlining our stance on government decisions

  • an opportunity to share your own experience with us

  • any other campaign development!

You can text us back directly if you spot something you think you could help with.

Sign up

Once you've submitted our short form, you'll receive a welcome email and from then on, we'll text you. On average we send three texts a month and you can opt-out at any time.

Wendy's HERO journey

1. Wendy signed up to be a HERO during the pandemic. Because of this, she was sent campaigns actions first and got more involved in supporting our campaigns.

2. She was invited to attend our stunt for Social Housing Regulations in Parliament Square, in October 2022, which helped raise public awareness of the Social Housing Regulation Act.

3. Ultimately, this public awareness helped win changes to the act that became law, prioritising the safety and wellbeing of social housing tenants.

Wendy's journey is just one example of how being a HERO made a massive impact on changing housing policy. Here she is at one of our London-based campaign stunts, signing her name on a cardboard house as a symbol of her support.

Wendy is writing on a wall of cardboard boxes at a campaign stunt. She stands beside a Grenfell United banner and Big Ben can be seen in the distance.

A powerful grassroots movement

Our HEROs are amazing! They continue to boost campaigns forward at the right moment, helping us successfully influence the government to improve policies that directly impact the housing emergency. And for that, we're truly thankful.

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A group of Shelter campaigners standing defiantly outside 10 Downing Street.

Got a question about becoming a HERO? Drop us a line at

Did you know?

Almost 2.5 million renters are either behind or constantly struggling to pay their rent and right now, over 145,000 children are growing up in temporary accommodation.