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We’re facing a national housing emergency. It’s left hundreds of people dead, thousands homeless, and millions at risk of losing their homes – we can’t allow politicians to ignore this any longer.

That’s where you come in. The general election is upon us and we need your help to make sure politicians face up to this crisis and build the social housing our country desperately needs.

Millions of people are struggling with sky-rocketing rents and homelessness has spiralled. We can’t let the next government ignore this issue again, so are calling for political parties to commit to delivering at least 90,000 social houses a year on average over the next parliament.


As a Housing Emergency Response Operative (HERO), you’ll be crucial in making sure politicians sit up and take note. Working with other HEROs across the country, you’ll be part of something bigger. You'll help us disrupt business as usual and put what matters at the heart of the agenda.

We haven’t got long, and we need to be reactive. We’ll send you text messages and emails at key moments about how to get involved locally and nationally. You’ll help us react to what’s being said by leaders and parties during the election, we’ll let you know about key local events, and you’ll be able to text us updates on what candidates are saying on your doorstep.

Interested? Join our Housing Emergency Response Operation today and be the real HERO of this election.

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