Let's build social housing

Join us and together we can build a better future.

Why we need more social housing

Woman looking into the camera as she stands in a playground next to some swings

During the pandemic our homes have become a focal point in our lives like never before – for work, for education, for our health. But because of the housing emergency too many have been stuck in insecure, poor quality homes. Homes that are often unaffordable to local people working in their communities.

Join us and call on the government to invest in a solution to end the housing emergency by building social homes. Access to a safe, secure, affordable home is a vital foundation in life and one that people are urgently waiting for.

Help us build a better future

This autumn, the Prime Minister has the chance to build back better by investing in a new generation of social homes.

Social housebuilding could kickstart the economy, create jobs, help rebuild communities and the country as we recover from this crisis, whilst delivering the secure homes people urgently need.

Now is the time to act, to take a stand and take this message direct to your MP.

Will you step up to help us get social homes built?

Share your story

Image of community members discussing paperwork with a Shelter representative.

Experiences like yours raise awareness and give voice to important issues. They could be the evidence we need for our campaigns.

Whether you’re struggling with rent, experiencing homelessness, or having problems with your landlord, your story can have a real impact.

Become a HERO

Image of community members discussing paperwork with a Shelter representative.

Right now, we need decisive action from the government to prevent the threat of spiralling debt, eviction and homelessness from becoming a reality.

As a Housing Emergency Response Operative (HERO), you’ll be crucial in making sure the people in power sit up and take note. Join our operation today to help us build a better future.