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Social housing

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Why we need more social housing

Levels of public housebuilding have plummeted dramatically, leading to a sharp increase in families stuck in expensive, poor quality, insecure, privately rented homes.

  • What is social housing?
    Find out why social housing is the only truly affordable, secure housing option for people across the country.

  • The story of social housing
    Learn how social housing has changed over the years, and what we must do to revive it.

  • The value of social housing
    Social housing is an investment in people, strong communities and the future of our country.

  • Loss of social housing
    Year after year, social housing has declined, leading to a significant deficit impacting the entire housing system.

Campaigning for change

We urgently need long-term, large-scale action to address our chronic lack of social housing.

  • Let's build social housing
    Find out more about our demands on government to build the new social housing this country needs.

  • Our Made in Social Housing campaign
    We've teamed up with people who grew up in social housing - including some faces you might recognise – to call for the building of thousands of social homes, and an end to the housing emergency.

  • The progress we've made
    Read about the Social Housing Regulation Act and how this is positively changing things for those in social rent homes.

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