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Frequently asked questions

I am not sure I want to share my name when talking about my stories. Can I still contribute?

Absolutely! There are other ways of sharing your stories anonymously.

Can I share my story and remain anonymous?

Yes, you can. Yours and others' experiences are hugely important to us. They form the basis of many of our campaigns and reports. It is also vital for us to hear from people who have received help from us, so we will make the sharing experience as easy as possible for you and tailor our approach to you. We know that sharing your experiences is a very personal thing, so you can choose to be completely anonymous if you wish.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

We’d love to hear from anyone who has received help from us, and/or has had an experience with bad housing.

Where will my story be used?

We can choose together how your story will be used. It’s important we find a solution that works for you. Your experience could be used as part of our fundraising appeals, on our social media or blog, to support our campaigns, or even in the media – it's all up to you. There may even be an option to speak to a journalist, but that's also your choice. We will respect your wishes, whatever they are.

What should I expect from having my story in the media or published on Shelter's website?

Having your story published in the media or on our website will inevitably put your experiences in the public domain. So, before we publish anything, we will always explain exactly what and where your story will feature, and seek consent from you. Once published, there may be comments from the general public and, while these comments are usually overwhelmingly supportive, occasionally people may respond negatively. We recommend just ignoring these as best you can, but our Stories Team will always be around to support you and answer any queries you have.