Shelter event participation terms & conditions

These Terms & Conditions govern your participation in your chosen event (“the Event”).

[You, as the participant acknowledge that the Event is organised by a third party (“the Organiser”) with whom you have a separate agreement and its Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with these set out below.]

  1. By registering for the Event, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions.

  2. You acknowledge that you will be contacted by email, phone, SMS and post in relation to the event you have registered for, ensuring Shelter can deliver the necessary administrative and event-related communications required to complete your successful participation and fundraising for the event. This will include communications about: (a) Completing your registration for the event with any third-party providers; (b) Training advice, plans and access to personal trainers through our social media platforms; (c) Access to our Shelter event Facebook groups; (d) Fundraising advice and tips; (e) Information about how money raised by supporters is spent by Shelter; and (f) Links to online Shelter content relevant to your participation in the event.

  3. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with Shelter's privacy policy. You acknowledge that Shelter will share your contact details with the Organiser of the Event, and where necessary, with other third parties involved in the administration of the Event. We will never share your data with any other third parties, unless you agree.

  4. You acknowledge that any photography or film footage taken as part of your participation in the event can be used for promotional and marketing purposes for this specific event and any future Shelter events activity, including but not limited to promotion on Shelter’s and third-party websites, social media, in online and print media publications and other marketing materials. If you do not wish for your image to be used in this way, please contact the Community Events team using the details below.

  5. You acknowledge that failure to respond to communications from Shelter’s Community & Events team about completing your registration or fundraising may put your event place at risk.

  6. You acknowledge the registration fee you have paid is non-refundable, non-transferrable, and cannot be used towards your sponsorship pledge.

  7. You acknowledge this is a fundraising event and commit to raise the minimum sponsorship pledge as advertised on the Shelter event webpage, excluding any Gift Aid.

  8. You will take responsibility for registering your contact details with the Organiser of the Event if required. Failure to do so will mean you cannot take part in the event. If this is necessary, we will inform you well in advance of what action is required.

  9. When fundraising, you will act lawfully and follow any fundraising guidelines provided by Shelter. You must make it clear you are fundraising in 'aid of Shelter' and are not representing that you are raising funds on behalf of Shelter. You must not put undue pressure on people to sponsor you, or do anything that may harm the reputation of Shelter or act in a manner contrary to our values.

  10. For any independent fundraising events that you carry out to raise funds (for example a cake sale or pub quiz), you acknowledge that you are carrying such events out in your own capacity. It's your responsibility to organise all aspects of such event and make it clear that such event is run by you 'in aid of' Shelter and is not run by Shelter. You also agree to make it clear that such event is not 'on behalf of Shelter' and that Shelter will not accept any responsibility or liability for such event. If you wish to use Shelter's logo, please contact the Shelter Community & Events team who can provide an 'in aid of' logo.

  11. You agree to ensure any required permissions or licences are obtained from the local authority or other relevant bodies, and permission is sought to use private property where required. You acknowledge you are responsible for obtaining any such licence and permission and this is not the responsibility of Shelter. You also agree to comply with all relevant health and safety, food or drink, alcohol and gambling legislation and regulations.

  12. You acknowledge that Shelter is unable to provide insurance for fundraising activity, and that you are responsible for securing appropriate insurance cover if required for your fundraising activity.

  13. If you have to withdraw prior to the event, you must notify Shelter immediately and before the registration deadline if possible. This means we can re-allocate your place to someone else.

  14. You agree to ensure any cheques relating to your sponsorship are made payable to Shelter and sent to the Shelter Community & Events team with the event name, your full name, and address.

  15. You agree to send all sponsorship funds collected or raised to Shelter no later than six weeks after the Event. If sponsorship money was given on the condition you complete the event, and the event is cancelled, or you do not complete the event, then you must contact donors and ask if they are still happy for sponsorship monies to go Shelter. If they do not wish for their sponsorship money to go to Shelter in this circumstance, then the donation must be refunded to the relevant donors. If the sponsorship money was given without any conditions attached, and the event is cancelled, or you do not complete the event, the money should be paid to Shelter and there is no obligation to contact or confirm this with donors.

  16. The event which you are registering for is physically challenging and may pose a risk of discomfort, illness, injury, and even death. You need to be satisfied that you are physically capable of doing the event without undue risk to your health or life. We do not conduct health or fitness checks on entrants and the responsibility for your ability to participate in the event is with you as the participant.

  17. If you have a medical condition or are unsure of your physical ability to take part in the event, you must seek medical advice from a general practitioner prior to participating in the event.

  18. All participants and spectators attend and enter the Event entirely at their own risk. We shall not be liable for any injury or loss to persons or their property that might occur as a result of your or their participation in or attendance at the Event, other than in respect of any injury or loss arising as a result of our negligence. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this clause shall exclude or limit our liability for any liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.

In the event that these Terms & Conditions conflict with those of the Organiser (if any), these Terms & Conditions shall prevail.

Please ensure all correspondence regarding your participation in the Event is directed to or 0344 515 1190.

Thank you for choosing Team Shelter.