Face-to-face advice services in London

Call Shelter’s dedicated London Public Advice Line to find your local Shelter advisor.

Our advisors will check your housing situation and either book an appointment for you or direct you to the closest drop-in session.

Opening times

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London centres

If you can’t reach our London Public Advice Line and need to urgently see a Shelter advisor.

If you’re in urgent need

If you need help for yourself, or for someone on the street, visit the homelessness section.

If you need immediate advice with housing and our face to face services are closed, you could visit get help or read our housing advice pages.

If you’re struggling with other problems, other services and organisations might be able to help.

In partnership with:

Thames Reach Homes
Stonewall Housing
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As part of our STAR partnership, we run frequent face-to-face outreach and drop-in services across London, and operate a London telephone advice line.

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