What is a non dependant deduction from housing benefit?

A non dependant deduction means your housing benefit is reduced for some adults who normally live in your home - usually friends or family members.

Non dependants are usually expected to contribute something towards your rent.

The council makes a non dependant deduction from your housing benefit even if your friend or family member does not actually pay you anything.  

There are different rules if you get universal credit.

How much is a non dependant deduction?

Your housing benefit is reduced by a set amount.

It depends on your friend or family member's weekly income before tax. This is sometimes called their gross income.

Table: Deductions from April 2023

How much your relative or friend earns each week before taxWeekly deduction from your housing benefit
Less than £162£18.10
Between £162 and £235.99£41.60
Between £236 and £307.99£57.10
Between £308 and £409.99£93.40
Between £410 and £510.99£106.35
£511 or more£116.75

The deduction is £18.10 a week if they are not working.

When no deductions should be made

The council must not make a deduction if you or your partner get any of these benefits:

  • personal independence payment (PIP) - daily living component 

  • disability living allowance (DLA) - care component 

  • attendance allowance

  • armed forces independence payment

The council must not make a deduction if you or your partner are registered blind.

Adults in your home who do not count

These people do not count as non dependants:

  • your partner

  • lodgers or other joint tenants

  • guests who only stay with you sometimes

Some people claiming benefits

Young people under 25 who get: 

  • universal credit (UC) - unless they are in work

  • jobseekers allowance (JSA) - income based

  • income support 

No deduction is made for an older person who gets pension credit.

Full time students

There is no deduction for full time students during:

  • term time

  • holidays - unless they work over 16 hours a week during summer holidays

It's your responsibility to report this change during the summer.

A family member who is away

A non dependant deduction should not be made if your family member is away from home. For example, because they're in prison or serving in the armed forces.

If a non dependant refuses to contribute

Non dependants cannot get housing benefit for their contributions to household costs.

It can cause problems if an adult friend or family member in your home does not help with the household budget.

Speak to them and explain the problem.

Do not risk rent arrears. You could lose your home.

Last updated: 23 March 2023

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