Universal credit: Housing cost contributions

What are housing cost contributions?

Housing costs contributions are set deductions from your universal credit housing element.

The DWP will reduce your housing element if:

  • other adults live with you on an informal basis

  • they are expected to contribute to your rent under the rules

Adults who are expected to contribute to your rent are called 'non dependants' by the DWP.

A set deduction is made even if your relative or friend does not pay anything to live with you, or contributes a different amount.

How much is the deduction?

A monthly deduction of £77.87 is made for each non dependant adult who lives with you.


The rent for your council home is £400 per month. Your adult son lives with you and counts as a non dependant.

The amount of universal credit housing element you get is:

£400 – £77.87 = £322.13

You may need to ask your friend or relative to contribute if the deduction means you have a rent shortfall.

When the DWP must not make the deduction

The DWP must not make the deduction if you, your partner or your non dependant get any of the following disability benefits:

  • attendance allowance

  • PIP - daily living component

  • DLA - middle or high rate care component

The DWP must not make a deduction for a non dependant who is:

  • under 21

  • in prison

  • responsible for a child under 5

  • getting pension credit or carers allowance

  • a child or stepchild in the armed forces and away on operations

Last updated: 10 April 2022

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