Housing association starter tenancies

A housing association can give new tenants a starter tenancy for a 12 month trial period before deciding whether to give you a longer term tenancy.

What is a starter tenancy?

A starter tenancy is given to many new housing associations tenants. 

It usually lasts for a 12 month trial period. It's a type of assured shorthold tenancy.

At the end of the 12 months, the housing association may give you:

A housing association may extend your trial period up to 18 months if there are problems such as rent arrears or antisocial behaviour during the first year.

Your rights 

As a starter tenant, you have the right to:

If you get permission from the housing association, you can:

Your responsibilities

Your tenancy agreement sets out your responsibilities as a tenant. 

This includes:

  • how much rent you have to pay and when to pay it

  • doing minor repairs such as changing light bulbs

Some housing associations will provide a tenant’s handbook with additional information about your responsibilities.

Eviction from a starter tenancy

Your housing association must give you notice and get a court order if they want to end your tenancy and evict you.

It can be quite easy for the housing association to go to court to evict you after the first 4 months using a section 21 notice.

They could go to court before this if you break the rules of your tenancy.

Check the housing association's policy if they decide to evict you

You're usually entitled to a review of the decision. A review gives you the chance to say why you should be allowed to stay.

Last updated: 26 September 2019

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