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Repairs in your council or housing association home

Who should do repairs?

Your landlord is responsible for most repairs in your home. For example:

  • gas, pipes and boilers

  • broken heating systems

  • water leaks

  • toilets, baths and sinks

  • roof, walls, windows and external doors

  • electrical wiring and any appliances your landlord provides

If you live in a flat, your landlord could also be responsible for:

  • shared areas like lifts and stairways

  • the structure and outside of the whole property

Look at your tenancy agreement to see what other repairs your landlord must do.

Health and safety in your home

Your council or housing association must:

Your home should be fit to live in throughout the tenancy.

It may not be fit to live in if you have serious problems with things like:

Your responsibilities

You need to:

  • tell your landlord about problems in your home

  • use extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen if you have them

  • fix or pay for damage caused by you or your guests

  • carry out minor jobs such as replacing smoke alarm batteries and light bulbs

Your tenant handbook or tenancy agreement usually say what you have to do.

Home improvements

Your landlord does not usually have to make improvements to your home unless your health and safety is at risk.

But they may agree to let you make improvements yourself. You'll need to get their permission

Decorating your home

You're usually responsible for decorating your home.

Your landlord might have to redecorate if:

  • damp or disrepair damages your home

  • repair work causes damage

Ask your landlord to help with decorating costs if your home is in a poor state when you move in.

Furnishing your home

You usually need to provide your own:

  • carpets

  • furniture

  • domestic appliances

You're responsible for repairing or replacing them.

If you cannot afford furnishings

You could apply for a budgeting advance or loan if you get benefits.

Last updated: 16 July 2024

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