Repairs in your council or housing association home

Letter template: Follow up repairs request

Contact your council or housing association landlord again if they do not respond to you or do the repairs.

You can check your landlord's repairs policy to find out how long work should take.

Copy our sample text into an email or message to your landlord.

[Use the subject: Follow up request for repairs work]

I’m writing again to ask for repairs at [your address].

The repairs needed are [give details].

I contacted you about this on [dates of calls, messages or emails].

The disrepair is causing these problems: [give details. For example, if the repair problems affect your health or make your home unsafe].

Please contact me within the next 2 days to agree a time for the repairs to be done.

If the repairs are not arranged in 14 days, I will make a formal complaint.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Last updated: 8 June 2023

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