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Repairs in your council or housing association home

How to ask for repairs

Call the national grid gas emergency line 0800 111 999 immediately if there is a gas leak or signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Contact your landlord straight away if you are worried about fire safety or electrical safety in your home.

How to report repairs

Tell your landlord about things that need fixing as soon as you can.

You can usually report repairs to your landlord online. 

You can also phone, email or write to them.

A letter or email helps prove you told your landlord about the problem.

Copy our sample text into an email or message to your landlord.

[Use the subject: Request for repairs work]

I am a tenant at [your address]. I’m writing to ask for repairs at the property.

The problems are [give details].

I am worried the problems will cause more damage to the property if they are not fixed immediately. I am also worried that my belongings are at risk.

The problems are affecting my health [and my family’s health]. [Add details].

Please contact me as soon as possible to arrange for the repairs to be done.

[Add this if you are a council tenant] Please let me know if the repairs are covered by the right to repair scheme.

You can also send the letter as an email attachment or by post:

Keep records and evidence from the start

Keep a good record of everything that happens with your repair problems.

Make sure you:

  • keep copies of letters, messages and emails to and from your landlord

  • write down dates, times and details of phone calls between you and your landlord

  • take pictures and videos of problems as soon as you see them

  • write down the dates your landlord or their contractor visited your home

  • keep details of any missed appointments

Ask how long the repair will take

Reasonable time limits for repairs could be:

  • 24 hours for an emergency repair such as a burst pipe or total loss of water

  • 7 days for an urgent repair such as a leaking roof or blocked pipe

  • 28 days for a routine repair such as a faulty window or broken extractor fan

Check your landlord's website or your tenant handbook to see if says how long a repair might take.

If you are a council tenant, you can get compensation under the right to repair scheme if some small repairs are not carried out in a certain time.

Give access to your home for repairs

You need to give your landlord and their contractors access to your home.

Try to agree times and dates with your landlord. They should tell you how long the work is likely to take.

Let your landlord know if you need to change the agreed time.

Your landlord may need access quickly for urgent or emergency repairs. For example, a burst pipe or gas leak.

Last updated: 8 June 2023

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