How to apply for council housing

You apply for a council or housing association home by joining a waiting list or housing register.

Most councils have one register for all council and housing association homes in the area.

Some housing registers cover more than one area.

You need to:

  • check if you can join the list

  • fill in an application form

  • wait for the council's response

Your priority on the list is based on your circumstances.

Apply to get on the waiting list

Council housing register postcode lookup

What is your location?

Most councils have online application forms.

You can also contact your council directly for an application form. 

Sometimes, a housing association or another organisation manages the waiting list. Some housing associations have their own waiting lists.

You usually have to express an interest in properties for a chance of being offered a tenancy.

Some councils make direct offers.

There's a shortage of council and housing association homes. Check your council's website for other housing options.

Last updated: 9 September 2021

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