Notice periods during coronavirus

Your landlord must give you the right amount of notice if they want you to leave.

Notice periods changed several times during coronavirus.

All section 21 notices given before 1 June 2021 have now expired unless your landlord has applied to court already.

It's harassment if a private landlord tries to make you leave without a legal notice.

How to check your notice

Use our coronavirus notice checker to:

  • check if you've had the right amount of notice

  • find out if your landlord can still use the notice

  • get information on what happens next

You can use the checker for any notice given since 26 March 2020.

Some notices given earlier in the pandemic are still valid. Some will have run out and can't be used to evict you.

What type of tenancy do you have?

If you're unsure about any details, or if your circumstances are not covered, find out ways to get help with your situation.