Section 21 eviction

A section 21 notice is the form your landlord must give you to start the process to end your assured shorthold tenancy.

It gives you notice to leave your home, but it’s legal for you to stay in your home after the date it expires.

You can only be sent a section 21 notice to end an assured shorthold tenancy. If you're not sure what kind of tenancy you have, use our tenancy rights checker to find out.

Moving out before the end of the notice

You will still be liable to pay rent until the section 21 notice expires if you move out before its end date. 

If you want to end your tenancy before the section 21 expires, you'll still need to follow the correct legal process to do this. How you can end your tenancy depends on whether it is fixed term or periodic.

Last updated 23 Aug 2019 | © Shelter

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