Free legal advice if you have a housing problem

Early legal advice if you could lose your home

You can get free legal advice if you're at risk of losing your home. For example:

  • your landlord gives you a notice to leave

  • you have rent arrears because of debt or benefits problems

  • you are at risk of homelessness because of a relationship breakdown

Early legal advice is part of the Housing loss prevention advice service (HLPAS).

What you need to show an adviser

You need to show evidence of your situation, for example:

  • a notice from your landlord asking you to leave

  • letters from the council or housing association which say you owe rent

  • letters from your mortgage lender because you're behind with your mortgage

  • court paperwork if your landlord or mortgage lender has applied for possession

Proof of income

Early legal advice is free. You do not need to show proof of your income.

The adviser or solicitor might ask for proof of your income if you need more help. This is to check if you can get legal aid.

How to get early legal advice

Find a legal adviser on GOV.UK

Tick 'Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service'.

You could:

  • get advice by phone or face to face

  • be referred for specialist debt or money advice

Other ways to get early legal advice

Legal advice clinics can give free legal advice on different problems.

They are often based at universities.

Advice is often given by law students.

A solicitor is in charge and works with them.

Search for a legal advice clinic on LawWorks.

Free advice for debt or benefits problems

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Last updated: 27 November 2023

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