Where to get debt and money advice

From 1 August 2023 you can get early legal advice if you are at risk of losing your home because of a debt problem.

This advice is free no matter what your income is.

Search for a local adviser on gov.uk. Tick 'Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service'.

A debt adviser can help:

  • prioritise your debts

  • look at your income and spending

  • draw up a budget or financial statement

  • negotiate with landlords, lenders and companies you owe money to

Ask a debt adviser about breathing space.

Breathing space is a scheme that can pause payment demands while you get debt advice.

Get free debt advice

These charities all give free advice:

They have good information, self help tools, online chat and phone services.

Prefer face to face advice?

Money Helper's search tool can help you find a local service.

Be wary of debt companies that charge fees

You may see Google ads from companies that say they give free debt advice. But most charge money for debt management plans or other debt solutions.

Scroll past these ads and get genuinely free advice from a debt advice charity instead.

The charities on this page can talk to you about breathing space, debt management plans, debt relief orders, individual voluntary arrangements (IVAs) and bankruptcy.

Get free legal advice if your home is at risk

You could get free legal help if you have a low income.

Call Civil Legal Advice on 0345 345 4 345

An adviser could make you an appointment with a local solicitor.

Find out how to deal with:

Let your landlord or lender know you're getting advice to deal with your debts.

Need help with benefits?

A debt adviser can help if you have deductions from your benefits because of debts.

A benefits adviser can:

  • check your benefit entitlement

  • help you to claim universal credit and other benefits

  • challenge decisions and deal with disputes and delays

Last updated: 15 August 2023

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