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How to end a periodic tenancy

Use this guide if you:

  • want to leave a rolling or periodic tenancy

  • have already left and want to end your liability for rent

A periodic tenancy is the legal name for a rolling tenancy with no fixed end date.

An assured shorthold tenancy becomes periodic when a fixed term ends, unless you agree to another fixed term.

Use this guide instead if you want to end a fixed term tenancy early.

Options for ending your tenancy

You can end a rolling tenancy by either:

  • agreeing with your landlord

  • giving a legal 'notice to quit'

Many private renters speak to their landlord or agent first, and then agree a tenancy end date in writing once they are ready to move.

Some landlords are more flexible about dates than others.

If you can't reach agreement with your landlord, you will need to give them a legal notice to end your tenancy.

You're still responsible for rent if you don't end the tenancy in one of these ways.

Last updated: 14 June 2023

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