How to end a periodic tenancy

Example of a notice to quit

Here is an example of what to write if your rent is due monthly.


To: landlord or agent's name and address

From: your name and address

I am giving 1 month's notice to end my tenancy as required by law.

I will be leaving property address on tenancy end date, or on the day when a complete period of my tenancy ends next after 4 weeks from the day this notice is served.

Signed: your signature

You may need to give more notice than this if your most recent agreement contains a clause about giving notice.

Use a savings clause

This example notice includes a 'savings clause'.

A savings clause is a legal phrase added after the tenancy end date on the notice.

It means that if you get the date wrong, your tenancy will still end legally on the next possible date after the date in the notice.

Things to consider before giving notice

A legal notice ends your tenancy and your right to live in your home.

Joint tenancies will end for all tenants even if only one of you gives notice.

You can't withdraw a valid notice if you change your mind, although your landlord may agree to let you or other joint tenants stay on.

Last updated: 13 January 2021

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