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Free legal advice on family law

Family law covers things like domestic abuse, relationship breakdown, the family home and where your children will live.

You could get free legal aid if you have a low income and you're:

  • experiencing or at risk of domestic abuse

  • homeless or likely to be homeless after a relationship breakdown

Check if you can get legal aid on GOV.UK

You might need to pay for legal advice if you cannot get legal aid.

Some organisations give free advice or online support even if you cannot get legal aid.

When a housing adviser could help

A housing adviser or solicitor can help you to:

  • ask the council for homeless help

  • deal with the council if they do not help

  • challenge eviction or repossession by a landlord or lender

  • check your rights to stay in or return to your family home

  • find a family law specialist if you need one

Find out about free legal help with a housing problem.

When you might need a family law specialist

You should speak to a family law specialist if, for example, you want to get:

A specialist could be a solicitor, or a legal adviser supervised by a solicitor.

Find a family law solicitor

You can find a solicitor on the Law Society website.

Select 'Family and relationships' as your legal issue. You can filter your results to see which solicitors offer free advice to people who can get legal aid.

You will probably have to pay for legal advice unless you have experienced domestic abuse.

Some solicitors offer 30 minutes free advice to anyone. Ask what they charge for more help.

What is family mediation?

Some people use family mediation to sort things out when they split up.

It can help you agree things like who lives in the family home and where your children stay.

Many separating couples come to an agreement without going to court.

It's not relationship counselling. The mediator will not try to get you back together

Family mediation is free if you have a low income and can get legal aid.

It's much cheaper than legal advice if you cannot get legal aid.

Find out more from the Family Mediation Council.

Other ways to get free legal support

Check if your employer, trade union or insurance policy has a free legal helpline.

The organisations on this page could help even if you cannot get legal aid.

They might:

  • give legal advice themselves

  • help you find a legal adviser

Ask for an interpreter if you need one.

Get a court order quickly

CourtNav is a free online service from Citizens Advice.

Get help to apply for a non molestation order (NMO) or occupation order to protect you from domestic abuse.

National Centre for Domestic Violence
0800 970 2070 - 24 hour helpline
text "NCDV" to 60777 - they will call you back
This organisation specialises in emergency non molestation orders (NMOs).

FLOWS - Finding legal options for women survivors
0203 745 7707
For women who need to get court orders, apply for legal aid and understand court processes.

Family law advice from Rights of Women
0207 251 6577 - England and Wales
0207 608 1137 - London only
For women who need advice on domestic abuse, relationship breakdown, divorce, children, money and the family home.

Immigration advice from Rights of Women
0207 118 0267 - EU settlement scheme advice line
0207 490 7689 - immigration and asylum advice line
For women who have experienced domestic abuse and have immigration problems.

Southall Black Sisters
0208 571 0800
For women from a Black or ethnic minority group who have experienced violence. Family and immigration advice.

Support through Court
03000 810 006
Volunteers provide practical, procedural and emotional support in the family court.

Search for a legal advice clinic on LawWorks
Law students provide free initial advice under the supervision of a solicitor.

Online guides and legal information

Coram Child Law Advice
Online information on family law and going to court.

Rights of Women family law information
Guides on many topics including children, marriage, civil partnership, divorce, domestic abuse and going to the family court.

Men's advice line
Factsheets on domestic abuse, divorce, money and children and going to court.

Online information on living together, splitting up, children and domestic abuse.

AdviceNow have detailed guides on many legal topics including:

Last updated: 27 November 2023

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