What is priority need?

Letter template: Explain why you're in priority need

Use the template on this page if you've made a homeless application and the council:

  • refuse to give you emergency housing

  • ask for more information to show you're in priority need

It's also a good idea to ask someone to write a supporting letter.

If the council give you a letter

You should ask for a review if the council give you a letter that explains why they have decided you're not in priority need.

What to say to the council

Our template can help you explain why you're more likely to suffer harm if homeless.

Copy it into an email to your council’s homeless team.

[Use the subject: Priority need for homeless help]

I have already made a homeless application under Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996.

The information below gives you reason to believe that I qualify for emergency housing under section 188 of the Housing Act while you make enquiries into my situation.

I want you to help with emergency housing straight away as I have nowhere to stay. I do not have any support from family or friends.

I am vulnerable and in priority need because of [include anything that applies]:

  • disability and health conditions

  • having been in prison, care, the armed forces, asylum support housing

I am at much greater risk if I am on the streets because of this.

I have experienced [for example, violence, harassment or exploitation while homeless].

My disability and health conditions are [give details of any physical or learning disabilities, mental health conditions and other health conditions].

My medication is [give details of your medication, how it must be stored and side effects].

I use mobility aids [give details].

I get support from [give details of treatment or other help from your doctor, mental health team or support worker and how this affects you].

I am eligible for help because [write your nationality or immigration status].

You can also download the template to send as an email attachment or by post:

How to contact your council's homeless team

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Last updated: 31 May 2022

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