Advice on hand for new MPs

18 May 2010

Houses of Parliament

As Parliament officially returns, Shelter research reveals that new MPs will find housing is the chief concern of their constituents.

In a survey of 150 MPs from the last Parliament, almost three quarters (72%) agreed that housing is one of the top three problems raised by their constituents whilst almost half (49%) said that housing is the most common problem that constituents seek help with. 

This week Shelter is writing to offer support and advice to all new MPs and their case workers to help them address this influx.

The economic downturn coupled with the lack of affordable housing in England has had a massive impact. Currently 1.8 million households are on council housing waiting lists and over a million children are trapped in overcrowded homes. The crisis is set to worsen over the coming months, with at least 50,000 repossessions predicted this year.

Shelter chief executive Campbell Robb said: ‘Despite none of the politicians talking about housing during the election, our research shows housing is the big issue facing people right now.

'Addressing the housing crisis must be an urgent priority for the new Government. The Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties did not prioritise it during their election campaigns and we are extremely disappointed the Housing Minister is no longer in the cabinet', he added.

‘At the same time we are offering our expertise and resources to all new and existing MPs as they start the difficult job of dealing with their constituents’ very real housing problems on the ground.’

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