Tenant protection crucial

24 February 2011

A family

The Government must ensure that the growing population of people renting privately get the protection they so desperately need, Shelter said today.

Responding to English Housing Survey figures showing that the number of households in the private rented sector has increased by nine per cent over the last year, while home ownership and social renting is down, Shelter’s Chief Executive Campbell Robb said:

‘Today’s figures come as no surprise. With a chronic shortage of social housing and millions priced out of the housing market, the reality is that renting is fast becoming the only option for more and more people.

‘Yet despite increasing numbers of families being forced to rent their homes, the sector continues to have the worst standards of any type of housing. In addition, tenants are completely unprotected from the minority of rogue landlords who make their lives a misery.'

Mr Robb continued: 'We are extremely concerned that the huge influx of people in rented accommodation could lead to an imbalance between supply and demand for properties, with the most vulnerable tenants having no other choice but to rent from landlords with a bad reputation.

‘It is absolutely essential that Government and local authorities use every weapon in their armoury to crack down on unlawful operators, drive up standards and ensure that the growing population of private tenants get the protection they so desperately need.’

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