Tenant protection needed

30 March 2011

A young woman

Rogue landlords are taking advantage of the rental sector boom, Shelter warned today, calling on the Government to give tenants the protection they need and deserve.

As the number of households privately renting hits 3.4 million (a 40 per cent rise in the past five years), Shelter has seen a worrying 23 per cent increase in the number of people seeking our help for problems with their landlord in the past 12 months.

These include reports of:

  • dampness and disrepair in private properties (42 per cent increase)
  • harassment by private landlords (24 per cent increase)
  • unfair or unexpected rent rises (19 per cent increase).

Shelter is calling on the Housing Minister Grant Shapps to produce a clear plan to tackle rogue landlords and show his commitment to private tenants by ensuring that all local authorities sign up to a minimum standard accreditation scheme.
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We’ve also produced a short film starring comedian Sean Lock highlighting the dangers of rogue landlords. Watch the film on Facebook

Shelter’s Chief Executive Campbell Robb said: ‘The Housing Minister’s claim that ‘the vast majority of England’s three million private tenants are happy with the service they receive’ has been seriously thrown into question today.

‘It’s frightening to see that complaints about bad landlords are increasing at such a rate, at the very time that renting a home is fast becoming the only option for thousands of families across this country. It appears that rogue landlords are cashing in on this growing market..’

He continued: ‘With Government policy directing more vulnerable people towards the private rented sector, it seems entirely negligent of the housing minister to have not yet produced any clear commitment to clamp down on rogue landlords. It is imperative that the minister sits up and recognises the growth of this sector and his responsibility to 3.4 million households in this country.’

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