Shelter launches new resources for schools

18 October 2011

Teacher and pupils

Shelter, in partnership with Nationwide, has created a series of new, online resources which are available for secondary school teachers of Key Stage 4.

The resources have been designed for Citizenship and PSHE classes, and look at the issues of young people and homelessness and money management.

A variety of media, from slides and games to teachers’ notes, aim to encourage – and challenge – ideas and opinions on homelessness and Shelter’s work.  All the resources are available online, and are free to download.

The new secondary school resources complement the existing Shelter Classroom Kit, which contains resources for key stages 1 to 3 on topical issues relating to homelessness and housing.

Jayanti Durai, Nationwide’s Head of Corporate Responsibility says: 'We’re delighted to see the launch of the Shelter Classroom Kit, especially in the current climate where it is more important than ever to provide young people with the information and tools they need to handle their finances and navigate the housing market with their eyes open.'

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