Families priced out by benefits cap

24 April 2012

Photo of Campbell Robb

Shelter is urging the Government to consider the damage inflicted on families by cuts to housing benefit.

Commenting on the news that Newham council in East London is trying to find homes as far away as Stoke for families priced out of their area by rising rents and the Government's new cap on housing benefits, Shelter’s Chief Executive Campbell Robb said:

‘This is the terrifying reality of our housing crisis today – hundreds of families potentially forced to move half way across the country, uprooted from schools, support networks and employment opportunities.’

‘Most worryingly, this is only the thin end of the wedge, as further reductions in the housing safety net start to bite over the coming months.

‘The dangerous cocktail of cuts to housing benefit and spiralling rents is making finding a decent home increasingly unaffordable for families across the country. 

‘Those unable or unwilling to move away from their local area may be forced to overcrowd or accept a home in appalling conditions to make ends meet. 

‘Taking families away from their support networks at the time when they need them most is not going to help them back on their feet.

'We urge national government to look at the potential damage this will do to some of our most vulnerable people.' 

If you’re worried about how cuts to housing benefit will affect you, get advice here