Government reveals house building plans

6 September 2012

Photo of houses

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have today announced new plans to invest in house building and boost construction.

The proposals include the delivery of up to 70,000 new homes and the creation of 140,000 jobs.

Guaranteed investment has been set at £40bn for major infrastructure projects, and £10bn for new homes.

The Government claims the plans - which include provision for affordable housing - will help first-time buyers on to the property ladder.

Shelter’s Chief Executive Campbell Robb said: ‘This package of measures is an important step towards delivering the homes we need, not only to provide a vital and urgent boost to the economy but to address this country’s housing shortage that’s affecting millions of lives.

‘It’s absolutely crucial for the many families and young people struggling with high housing costs or trying desperately to get on the housing ladder, that the Government delivers on its guarantee that these proposals will see more affordable homes built.

‘Successive Governments have failed to get on top of our housing crisis. The Government needs to continue thinking innovatively to make sure that this generation and the next aren’t denied the stable and affordable homes they need to get on in life.’

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