Shelter supports Remember a Charity in your Will Week

10 September 2013

Remember a charity in your Will week logo

Shelter is supporting this year’s Remember a Charity in your Will Week, to raise awareness of the vital contribution people can make by leaving a gift in their Will.

Veteran journalist and newsreader Angela Rippon will launch the week, which runs from 9-15 September 2013.

Shelter will be marking the week by giving every customer who visits one of our shops a specially wrapped bite-sized chocolate, a postcard and a bookmark.

Last year, gifts left by people in their Wills to Shelter helped us to answer 83,000 calls and emails and provide face-to-face advice on housing debt and welfare to more than 61,000 people.

In the coming years, Shelter is committed to helping even more people in desperate housing need - by increasing the capacity of our helpline and creating new advice and support services. Legacy gifts - both big and small - will make a huge contribution to our goal.

John Ashley, Shelter's Legacy Adviser, said:

‘Gifts in Wills have never been more vital for Shelter. In the current economic climate more and more families are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, and every fifteen minutes a family finds themselves homeless.

‘At Shelter we provide support and advice that can prevent many people from becoming homeless in the first place, and help others find a home again if they lose theirs.

‘Making room for Shelter in your Will could mean another family has a place to call home in years to come.

‘Naturally everyone’s first priority is to their loved ones, but we hope that during Remember a Charity in your Will Week, more people will take a moment to consider leaving a gift to Shelter in their Wills so that we can carry on the fight for better housing, and make a lasting difference to the lives of homeless and badly housed people’.

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