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No Fixed Address bank accounts

A charity partner can help its clients without proof of ID or a fixed address get a basic bank account with a participating bank.

What is a No Fixed Address bank account?

People who have no fixed address can find it difficult to open a bank account. Not having a bank account can prevent them from applying for benefits, obtaining employment, and paying rent.

People without traditional forms of identification or proof of a fixed address can get a bank account with participating banks including HSBC UK and Lloyds Banking Group if they are receiving support from a charity partner.

Charity partnerships with HSBC UK

HSBC UK's No Fixed Address service works with partners, including Shelter, to support homeless people to access banking.

Who can open an HSBC UK account?

The scheme is available to people receiving ongoing support from a partner charity or organisation.

The partner must refer the person to HSBC UK. People can't approach a branch directly to access this scheme.

Get support from an HSBC UK charity partner

Charity partners cannot accept referrals solely to open a bank account. The client must have ongoing support needs.

More than 300 local and national organisations use the scheme to support their clients, including:

  • Shelter

  • St Mungo's

  • Crisis

Check if your organisation is already a partner, or contact a local charity in your area to find out if they are part of the scheme.

What to expect from an HSBC UK charity partner

When a support worker from a partner organisation decides to refer a client to the scheme, they will organise an appointment with their nearest participating bank branch.

The bank sends the customer's card and PIN details, plus any other correspondence, to the address used to open the account. This can be the charity partner's address or a PO box.

The person can use their account in branch, online or by phone.

Become an HSBC UK charity partner

For information about becoming a partner for the no fixed address scheme, email

More information

HSBC UK has information about the scheme on its website.

Find out more about HSBC's corporate partnership with Shelter.

Bank accounts with Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group offers bank accounts to people without traditional forms of identification or proof of address.

The group includes Lloyds, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland.

A local charity can help its clients get an account with Lloyds Banking Group by writing a letter of introduction. Charity staff can contact their client's local branch for more details and to agree the next steps.

Lloyds Banking Group can offer extra support to people who have:

  • been in prison

  • experienced financial or domestic abuse

  • face language barriers

  • are vulnerable

Lloyds Banking Group has published a leaflet with more information for charities.

Find out more about banking and financial services on Shelter Legal.