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Bristol Fair Renting Campaign Launch: Demand Fair Renting for Bristol

By: Bristol Fair Renting Campaign
Published: 07/04/2021

Manifesto launch: Demand Fair Renting for Bristol

Renters across Bristol are coming together to expose, to the wider community and to those in power, the reality of private renting. With Shelter Bristol’s support, they have created the Bristol Fair Renting Campaign and launched a manifesto demanding urgent change.

To make Bristol’s renting system fair, affordable, accessible and safe, they are demanding that their city’s political leaders:

  • Tackle high and out of control rents and lobby national government for more local powers to make sure that landlords charge fair rents for a good service.

  • Tackle poor conditions more proactively to ensure that the homes people are renting are decent and safe, and lobby national government to permanently protect renters from retaliatory evictions.

  • Tackle discrimination in private renting and create a local action plan to stamp out ‘No DSS’ practices.

People of Bristol – please read and sign the Fair Renting Manifesto, to stand in solidarity with renters and demand a fair renting system for your city.

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