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Policy, research and good practice work forms a major part of Shelter's efforts to address and find solutions for homelessness and housing issues. In this section you can browse through the reports, factsheets, briefings and policy consultation responses that we produce.

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Sexual Exclusion: Issues and Best Practice in Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Housing and Homelessness

Applicable to: England
Published:  March 2005

This guidance was developed as part of a joint project between Shelter and Stonewall Housing. The partnership project aims to raise awareness of the significant housing and homelessness problems that lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people experience. Read summary and download 

On the Up: the Housing Crisis in the North

Applicable to: England
Published:  December 2004

This research report for Shelter's Housing Investigation is the fourth in the series, each tackling a different aspect of the housing crisis. It calls for an urgent review of the market renewal programme to address the rise in homelessness. Read summary and download 

Sick and Tired - The Impact of Temporary Accommodation on the Health of Homeless Families

Applicable to: England
Published:  December 2004

This report looks at the health impact of living in temporary accommodation. Read summary and download 

Know Your Place - Housing Wealth and Inequality in Great Britain 1980-2003 and Beyond

Applicable to: England
Published:  November 2004

This report describes the growing inequalities in housing wealth being generated through the operation of housing markets in Great Britain. Read summary and download 

Crowded House: Cramped Living in England's Housing

Applicable to: England
Published:  October 2004

Nearly one child in ten is living in overcrowded housing, a problem that affects at least half a million households in England. Read summary and download 

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