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Policy, research and good practice work forms a major part of Shelter's efforts to address and find solutions for homelessness and housing issues. In this section you can browse through the reports, factsheets, briefings and policy consultation responses that we produce.

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Research Report: Survey of Private Landlords

Applicable to: 
Published:  February 2016

The results of a Shelter and YouGov survey of over 1,000 UK landlords, the largest and most representative survey of private landlords since 2010. It offers a unique insight into their finances, practices and plans for the future. Read summary and download 

Briefing: the need for stable renting in England

Applicable to: 
Published:  February 2016

This briefing sets out the case for making renting in England longer-term. It brings together new research by YouGov for Shelter, which outlines the negative effects of instability, with other sources to show how unstable renting is in England today. Read summary and download 

Briefing: Abandonment Lords Committee Stage

Applicable to: England
Published:  February 2016

The Housing and Planning Bill contains a clause that speeds up the process of a landlord taking possession of their property where it has been abandoned by the tenant. By taking responsibility for possession claims away from the courts this measure risks making it easier for rogue landlords to carry out illegal evictions. Read summary and download 

Housing and Planning Bill - 2nd reading briefing (House of Lords)

Applicable to: 
Published:  January 2016

Shelter's briefing for Peers for 2nd reading of the Housing and Planning Bill Read summary and download 

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