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Community Organising

Up and down the country, a movement is growing at a local level. Supported by our Community Organisers, people are coming together to take a stand against housing injustice in their own communities, influencing those in power and winning changes that tackle the housing emergency head-on.

Birmingham Fair Housing

Bristol Fair Renting Campaign

Norwich Renters Collective

There are also community-led campaigns running in these areas:

  • Devon

  • Dorset

  • Lancashire

  • London

  • Manchester

  • Merseyside

  • North East

  • Sheffield

We know that to end the housing emergency we must mobilise as many people as possible to take action and demand change. This means supporting and empowering people to tackle the housing issues they face in their own communities first.

Through engaging with local campaigning, we hope people start to recognise that the issues they see close to home are also part of a wider problem: a broken housing system that urgently needs reform and critically lacks social housing.

What is a Community Organiser?

Our organisers support people up and down the country to build community-led campaigns to tackle the housing issues affecting them. They coach people to develop the skills, knowledge, resources, and confidence they need to take the lead and build campaigns together to make change happen.

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We offer free online training sessions that will help boost your campaigning skills, so you're being as effective as possible in your area and helping us fight for home.

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