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Made in Social Housing

Join the campaign for more social housing today - so a new generation can be proud to say: We are Made in Social Housing.

A series of twelve diverse portraits in a row, featuring men and women of varying ages and backgrounds, in daylight settings.

When we build social housing, we’re building better lives

Home is everything. Home is where we put down roots, feel stable and look towards a brighter future full of hope. Good quality social housing means genuine affordability and long-term security.

Families shouldn’t have to relocate miles away from friends and loved ones. Everyone deserves the chance to live near where they work and where they grew up. Social housing lets children stay close to their friends and thrive at school, helps communities to flourish and improves the health of thousands of people living in poor conditions.

Right now, 1.3 million households in England are stuck on waiting lists. That isn’t good enough, and it’s why we’re calling on all political parties to commit to building a new generation of quality social homes and end the housing emergency for good.

  • 145,800 children are growing up in temporary accommodation

  • 19,000 social rent homes have been lost every year for the last decade

  • 90,000 social homes need to be built every year for the next 10 years to end the housing emergency


'Growing up in a social home meant support for me and my family - there was definitely a sense of community.

It's made me who I am. And I don't think I would change it because I quite like who I am and who its created.'

— Yinka Bokinni, radio and television presenter

'It meant stability. It meant that you didn't have to worry about paying an extortionate rent, and it meant that you could build a community.

If you create social housing, you take pressure away from people and you allow love to grow.'

— Eddie Marsan, actor

'Looking back now, for my mum it was a chance for her to have a place where she could keep us safe. I just feel grateful that I was able to experience something like that and have a wonderful life.'

- Abigail, charity support co-ordinator

'That period of having that social home really did save me.

I was very close to being taken away because my mum was finding it very difficult and that really was a turning point. Suddenly we had our own place and my mum could relax and obviously the rent being affordable… suddenly our life was transformed.'

— Suggs, musician

We’re living in a housing emergency

We know the only way to end it is more social housing. But right now, we don’t have enough of it – not by a long shot. We’ve done the maths, and the solution is clear. Recent research by Shelter and the National Housing Federation found that building 90,000 social rent homes a year would pay for itself within three years, add over £50 billion to the economy over 30 years and support 140k direct jobs in the first year. Put simply, it’s a no-brainer.

The campaign

We wanted to highlight the positive experiences and real benefits that these homes have given people, so we created a campaign which tells their stories first hand. We made a film of people from all walks of life with lived experience of social housing, and a wider campaign which we hope will change attitudes. Because there’s never been a more important time to bring this huge issue to everyone’s attention.

Made in Social Housing

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