Renters need rights

We’ve been evicted for no reason, put up with bad properties, and had nowhere to turn when things go wrong. We need a Renters’ Reform Bill that can deliver lasting change for renters.

Bad renting is a big problem.

In England, over 11 million people live in a private rented sector that drastically needs reform. Over a third of people who contact our helpline are private renters seeking help and without support, homelessness becomes a very real threat. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has only made this worse, and many renters are now at breaking point.
We must continue to fight bad housing and demand that Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick scraps unfair evictions and creates a landlord database – so the stress and anxiety that come with the uncertainty of renting finally ends. But the bill will only happen if we all act now. Together we can pressure the government and make sure it stays a priority.

Wall of Shame

We’ll be posting photos here from real renters to highlight the problems that urgently need tackling.

If you have your own bad renting photos you would like to share with us, tag them #EnoughIsEnough on social media, or fill in the share your story form to tell us a bit more about your experience.

Shocking disrepair in a kitchen.

Disrepair in the kitchen, from Charlie in Plymouth

The future of private renting

The Renters’ Reform Bill is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to win changes that will protect renters’ rights, ensure they have the power to use them and give them long-term security in their home. To outline the problems we all face and more importantly, the solutions, we teamed up with Nationwide Building Society to create a shared vision for private renting.

MPs say renters and landlords need more support

It’s not just Shelter calling for the Renters Reform Bill to fix renting. In May 2021 we teamed up with think tank Onward and Conservative MPs to produce a report exploring what reforms are needed to improve the sector for both renters and landlords.

Download the full report

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Success so far!

Your campaigning has achieved big things:

August 2019: 5,800 Shelter supporters take part in government consultation to scrap Section 21

December 2019: Government announce the Renters’ Reform Bill as part of their first Queen’s Speech

March 2020: Government ban evictions after campaigners call for a total ban during the Covid-19 pandemic

November 2020: Over 100,000 Shelter supporters sign a petition asking for the government to ensure everyone has a safe home during the pandemic

March 2021: Protections for renters are extended until May 2021

But there's a lot more to do

It’s thanks to you that we’ve got this far already, but we must keep pushing forward to see the change we need.

Sign the petition

Houses of Parliament.

Spread the word

Did you know that by sharing this campaign page with your friends and followers you’re amplifying all our voices! Together we can make sure as many people as possible hear our call. Stand up, make your voice heard and say, enough is enough!