Requesting collection tins and buckets

Thanks for getting in touch about fundraising for Shelter. Please fill in the form below to request collection tins and/or buckets for your event.

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If you need more than three buckets, let us know about your event and we’ll do our best to help you.

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Terms & conditions

  1. I acknowledge that I will be responsible for the collection tin/bucket, making sure it is always secure and that the seal is not tampered with.
  2. I will not make public collections without a permit from the relevant authorities. Where permission has been given, I won’t collect in an aggressive manner.
  3. I will follow the relevant legal requirements for minimum age of collectors.
  4. I have obtained full permission from the site owner to collect in aid of Shelter.
  5. If desired, site owners can be provided with a receipt that contains the address of the site, the box number, the date and the amount collected.
  6. I understand that any sum collected is in aid of Shelter, and I will return this amount when I have finished collecting or the tin/ bucket is full.
  7. I agree to return the collection tin/ bucket to Shelter within two weeks of finished using it or advise Shelter if I wish to extend my time collecting.
  8. I will make payment of any monies collected in three-month in stalments if not before.
  9. I will request new seals from the Community Team at Shelter before I start a new collection.
  10. If the tin/ bucket is lost or stolen, I will let Shelter know immediately and in the event of theft, will provide them with a Crime Reference Number from the local police station.
  11. The collector must send Shelter the full sum of all monies taken from all boxes without deduction of expenses or fees, unless specifically agreed.
  12. Shelter reserves the right to reclaim any collection/tin bucket which we believe is not being used in accordance with the requirements or to benefit the Charity.
  13. I will follow Shelter’s Collector Conduct Policy when making public collections.
  14. I will follow Shelter’s Cash Handling Policy when opening any collection bucket/tin and transfer money accordingly.