Taking part in a sleep out in aid of Shelter

Interested in hosting or taking part in a sleep out this year to raise money for Shelter?

Thank you for choosing to support us. The funds you raise will help us continue the fight to end homelessness and keep our vital services running.

Before you get started, make sure you check out our fundraising tips and important advice to help you make the most of it and stay safe.

How to sleep out for charity safely

It’s important to do some preparation so you can get the most out of your sleep out, from choosing a safe venue to making a register of the participants.

Before you get started, make sure you read our essential information pack which is packed with important safety advice, tips and last-minute checklists.

Download our sleep out information

Please be safe when you are organising your sleep out. Make sure you book an appropriate venue for your fundraiser such as a public hall, and remember to follow its rules at all times.

We strongly advise against bedding down or camping in an unsafe outdoor space or on the street, which can be dangerous and unlawful.

A sleep out isn’t meant to imitate the experience of people who are street homelessness, but to raise money so we can make sure everyone has a safe home.

Sleeping rough is dangerous – but when it comes to the national housing emergency, sadly it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Every single penny you raise for us makes a difference to people facing bad housing and homelessness. Thank you for your support.

Want to do more?

If you’d like to do more to help people facing homelessness and bad housing, there’s plenty you can do to get involved, from organising your own event to joining us this winter for Sleep Walk, a fundraising 10km walk.