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Pledge to help families facing bad housing and homelessness

A home is a fundamental human right, as vital as education or healthcare. But housing in the UK is in crisis. That’s why we need to take urgent action. We need to protect children from the devastating, sometimes lifelong effects of bad housing or homelessness.

Shelter’s Family Support Service gives practical support to families in need. We help vulnerable families access, keep and improve their homes, and work to address their most pressing housing concerns, from the immediate risks to the underlying causes.

By giving parents the power to manage their housing problems on their own, we can ensure that all children get the security and carefree childhood that they deserve. Our dedicated support workers are making a real difference to vulnerable families in the UK. But they need your support.

“When working with families, it’s of the utmost importance not to see their housing problems in isolation from all the issues that can be impacting on their situation. For example, poverty, debt, violence and health issues can all have a huge impact on a family’s ability to keep or maintain a home.”

“To me, Shelter is the place where I was able to receive support and gain confidence to build my life again.”

How Home Team helps

Home Team is a group of Shelter’s most committed supporters. They’re helping us reach UK families who need our support by funding our vital work. Join Home Team, and your support means six hundred families could get the advice and help they need to live in a safe, secure home.

Want to get involved with Home Team? Find out more in our brochure, or email us at hometeam@shelter.org.uk.

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