Home Team

Help support families who are homeless or facing bad housing.

Home Team

Help support families who are homeless or facing bad housing.

All children deserve a carefree childhood in a safe, secure home. Sadly, families are all too often one of the victims of the UK’s housing emergency.

We need your help to protect them from the devastating, often life-long effects of homelessness and bad housing. That’s why we have Home Team.

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How Home Team helps

Home Team supports practical, hands-on help and advice for vulnerable families who need solutions. We look at the problems the entire household is facing, addressing the most urgent concerns and risks, as well as the underlying causes.

Our work with parents and children can be life-changing. We aim to give parents back the power to manage their housing issues on their own, so they can retain control long term. We ensure parents and children receive holistic, emotional support to improve the wellbeing of the entire family.

75% of families who were facing eviction are now able to remain in their homes, find a new home or improve their living environment

71% of families said their housing situation was completely resolved or moving in the right direction

68% of families who needed help improving their family life or relationships saw an improvement after coming to Shelter

Why you should join Home Team

When you join Home Team, your donations will help vulnerable families across the country get the support they need to find, keep or improve their home. What’s more, you’ll be standing up for the 183 children who become homeless in Britain every single day.

Becoming a member of Home Team unlocks plenty of engagement opportunities with Shelter. You will be connected to a dedicated member of the Philanthropy team who will share regular updates and insights into our work with families. You will receive invitations to unique events which bring you closer to our work and where you’ll meet like-minded individuals and groups who are equally committed to helping families without a place to call home. You will have opportunities to visit our frontline services across the country to see first-hand the impact of your support.

When working with families, it’s of the utmost importance not to see their housing problems in isolation from all the issues that can be impacting on their situation. For example, poverty, debt, violence and health issues can all have a huge impact on a family’s ability to keep or maintain a home.

Tracey Nathan, Family Support Service manager

To me, Shelter is the place where I was able to receive support and gain confidence to build my life again.

Family support service client

Join Home Team

To get involved with Home Team or to find out more, email us today at hometeam@shelter.org.uk or find more details in our Home Team brochure.