Shelter Justice Fund

Providing vital legal services for those facing homelessness

For many people in precarious housing situations, legal services may be the last line of defence. Every year, thousands of people face threats to their home, from severe disrepair to repossession, illegal evictions, and other serious housing issues.

Having access to legal support could be the difference between someone keeping their home and losing it.

That’s why we set up the Shelter Justice Fund, so our national legal team can continue their essential work providing free, expert advice and representation to people facing severe housing issues.

How the Shelter Justice Fund helps

The Shelter Justice Fund raises money to support our Legal team, so they can continue standing up for the individuals and families whose rights would otherwise go unprotected. That could be in the form of immediate, face-to-face advice, fighting eviction notices, or even taking landmark cases to the Supreme Court.

Our Legal team makes sure the system treats people fairly. But it needs your support.

“I urge you, if you’ve ever considered supporting Shelter, or doing something strategic about the growing number of people who are homeless in this country, to join Shelter’s Justice Fund.”

“Our lives, our mental and physical health, were rapidly deteriorating as the result of everything my children and I had been through. Shelter empowered us, enriched our lives, and helped us at our bleakest moments.”

Join the Shelter Justice Fund

Joining the Shelter Justice Fund means being part of a leading group of philanthropists who are united in protecting access to justice for people most in need. It means standing shoulder to shoulder with the 150 families in Britain who become homeless every single day.

It means a place to call home, for everyone.

We need you to join us in standing up for the fundamental human right to a safe, secure and affordable home. To find out how to become a member, email, or call 0344 515 2257.

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