Backdating housing benefit

A housing benefit claim can sometimes be backdated for up to 3 months if you're pension age and up to 1 month if you're working age.

What is backdating?

You can sometimes get the start date of your claim backdated if you were entitled to apply for housing benefit earlier.

Your housing benefit can only be backdated for a maximum of:

  • 3 months if you're pension age

  • 1 month if you're working age

If your benefit is backdated, you usually get a lump sum payment to cover the period before you claimed.

If you or your partner are pension age

Your housing benefit is backdated to whichever is the most recent date:

  • 3 months before you applied

  • when you reached pension age

  • the date you had to start paying rent

This happens automatically when you apply for housing benefit.

Mixed age couples

You're a mixed age couple if one of you is pension age and the other is working age.

From 15 May 2019, you both need to have reached pension age to make a new claim for housing benefit.

If one of you is working age, you'll usually have to claim universal credit instead.

If you're working age

Most working age people can't make a new housing benefit claim and must claim universal credit instead.

You can make a new claim for housing benefit if you're working age and either:

  • you claim other benefits which include a severe disability premium

  • you're staying in a refuge, hostel or some types of supported or temporary housing

How to get your claim backdated

You can ask to backdate your claim for up to 1 month when you apply for housing benefit.

The council must backdate it if you had a good reason for claiming late.

You can send a letter to explain your circumstances. You may need to provide supporting evidence.

Use our template letter to ask the council to backdate your housing benefit

Good reasons for claiming late

The following situations could count as a good reason for a late claim:

  • you were in hospital or prison

  • there was a failure of the postal service

  • the council, DWP or an advice agency gave you the wrong advice about your benefit entitlement

There may be other good reasons why you've claimed late. The council must look at your individual situation and decide if your delay was reasonable.

Ask for a review of a backdating decision

The council writes to you once they've made a decision on your housing benefit claim.

If you can get housing benefit, the letter tells you the first day of your entitlement.

You can ask for a review if you think the housing benefit decision is wrong.

A benefits adviser could help:

Last updated: 7 March 2019

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