Help from benefits if you live in a mobile home

You can claim universal credit or housing benefit to help with rent or site charges if you live in a mobile home.

Help from universal credit

You can usually claim universal credit if you're working age and have a low income.

Universal credit includes a housing element which can help with rent, site charges and pitch fees if you live in a mobile home.

You will usually need evidence of the fees or charges you have to pay. For example, a pitch agreement.

Your housing element is calculated using local housing allowance rules.

You can't get more than the local housing allowance rate for your situation. This is based on the number of bedrooms you can claim for.

Universal credit might not cover the full rent or charges. You will have to cover any shortfall from other income.

Find out how to claim universal credit.

Help from housing benefit

You can only make a new claim for housing benefit if you're pension age.

If you're already getting housing benefit, you may be able to continue to receive it if you move into a mobile home or a park home.

You should report your move to the housing benefit office at the council.

If you're working age and move to a different council area, you will usually need to claim universal credit instead.

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Last updated: 22 October 2020

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