Help from benefits if you live in a mobile home

You can claim universal credit or housing benefit if you need help living in a mobile home

Benefits for mobile homes

You can claim benefits to help you pay rent or site fees if you live in a mobile home.

For new claims, you’ll probably have to apply for help with housing costs under universal credit.

Existing claims for housing benefit will continue until you’re contacted about switching to universal credit. A big change in your circumstances, such as moving to another council area, could also mean you have to start a new claim for universal credit.

How benefits for rent are calculated

Universal credit

The amount of universal credit you get for housing costs will be calculated using the rent and eligible service charges you pay each month. This will be reduced if you have more bedrooms than you need or if any adult family members live with you.

Find out more about how much universal credit you could get.

Housing benefit

The council decides on the maximum amount of rent that qualifies for housing benefit on mobile homes by looking at your rent, site fees, your income and savings, and who you live.

Council-owned sites

The maximum amount of rent can be restricted only if the council says your mobile home is too large for you.

Mobile home owners

You can claim universal credit or housing benefit to help pay site fees if you own your mobile home. This can cover your pitch fees and maintenance charges.

You can’t get benefits to cover personal loan repayments for buying your mobile home.

Still need help?

Contact Citizens Advice if you have any problems making a claim for benefits.

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