What to do if your housing benefit stops

Your housing benefit might stop temporarily if:

  • you report a change of circumstances

  • the council think there has been an overpayment

The council can suspend your payments if they need further information.

Suspended payments

Suspended payments do not mean your housing benefit claim has stopped permanently.

The council decides if you still qualify for housing benefit after a change in circumstances.

The council must write to you and explain why your payments have been suspended.

They may ask for more information to help decide if you still qualify.

If you provide the information within 1 month

If you still qualify for housing benefit, your payments should:

  • restart within 2 weeks

  • be backdated to the date they were suspended

The council should write to you again explaining your new entitlement. The letter must include information on challenging the decision.

When the council can end your claim

The council can stop your housing benefit payments if you do not provide the information they ask for within 1 month.

Tell the council if you cannot get the evidence they ask for. They might suggest other acceptable documents.

For example, if you don't have a tenancy agreement, you can still show evidence of rent payments.

The council can also stop your housing benefit if you no longer qualify following a change.

The council must write to you if they decide to end your claim. You can appeal to a housing benefit tribunal if you want to challenge the decision.

Your housing benefit will usually stop if you claim universal credit.

Most working age people cannot make a new claim for housing benefit.

Complain about suspended or stopped payments

Use the council’s formal complaints process if you are not happy with how the council has dealt with your housing benefit claim.

Find your:

You can complain to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman if you’re not satisfied with the council's response.

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Last updated: 4 March 2022

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