Help from the council after an illegal eviction

Your local council may help you get back into your home, prosecute your landlord or find you emergency housing.

How the council can help

Contact your council immediately if you've been illegally evicted.

Your council should have a tenancy relations officer or a housing team who can help.

The council could:

Emergency housing

Contact your council's homelessness department for help if you have nowhere to live because of illegal eviction.

If you're illegally evicted at night or on the weekend and need emergency accommodation:

Help to get back into your home

The council should check your legal rights to stay in your home. 

The council can contact your landlord to negotiate for you to return. A council officer may be able to go with you when you re-enter your home.

The council can also give you legal advice about:

The council doesn't charge for help and advice.

Legal action against your landlord

The council can prosecute your landlord for illegal eviction or harassment.

It doesn't cost you anything. You'll probably have to go to the court hearing.

Your landlord has to pay a fine or could be sent to prison if found guilty.

The threat of prosecution can be enough to persuade your landlord to let you back into your home.

Claiming compensation

You can ask your council for advice about claiming compensation if you've been illegally evicted.

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Last updated: 25 March 2019

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