Housing options for young parents

Find out about emergency and longer-term housing options if you're a young parent.

Homelessness help from the council 

You can ask for help from the council's housing department if you're homeless now or facing homelessness within 8 weeks.

This includes if you have received a section 21 notice from your landlord that runs out in 8 weeks or less.

The council must assess your situation and give you a personal housing plan, so long as you meet immigration and residence conditions.

This plan sets out the steps you and the council must take to help you find and keep somewhere suitable to live.

The council must also provide emergency accommodation if you're homeless and have children or are pregnant.

Help from social services

The housing department might refer you to social services for help if in any of these situations:

Apply for a council or housing association home

You can apply for a council or housing association home from the housing register.  

Each council has its own rules about who can go on the register.

Find a private rented home

Think carefully about what sort of place you need and what you can realistically afford.

There are many ways to find a private rented home, but you can ask the council for help if you are having difficulty finding somewhere.

Help with paying the rent

You usually have to claim housing benefit if you're in emergency or temporary housing and pay rent to the council or a housing association.

Otherwise, you can usually claim universal credit which includes help with housing costs if you're on a low income.

Your benefit may not cover your full rent. The amount you get could be limited by the 

  • local housing allowance rates for the area if you are a private tenant

  • bedroom tax if you are a council or housing association tenant 

You must make up any shortfall from other income or benefits.

Still need help?

Get advice if both the housing and social services departments refuse to help.

Last updated: 30 January 2019

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