Housing options for young parents

You may be entitled to benefits and help with housing and childcare if you are a young parent.

Housing options for young parents

You may be able to find accommodation through your local council, but it is more likely that you will find a private rented home.

If you have children or are pregnant, you need to think carefully about what sort of place you need and what you can realistically afford.

Where to find emergency accommodation

Help may be available if you have nowhere to stay. In many cases the council's housing department and/or social services may have a legal duty to help you.

Find out about other emergency options.

Financial help with accommodation

You may be eligible for welfare benefits. There are special rules on housing benefit for students and young people people under 35. These affect you while you are pregnant, but once you have children other rules apply.

You may be entitled to ongoing financial support if you have been looked after by social services in the past.

Get advice if you have any questions about benefits and housing. Use our directory to find a local advice centre.

Find out more from Gov.uk about claiming benefits.

Housing help from the council or social services

The council's housing department may have a duty to house you if you have nowhere to stay.

You can make a homeless application - even if you're not sleeping on the street. This is different to applying for a council home.

Certain groups of young people are entitled to help from social services rather than the council's housing department. This may be the case if you:

If you are in one of these groups the housing department usually asks social services to take responsibility for you.

Get advice if nobody from the council helps or you have problems dealing with the housing or social services departments.

Use Shelter's directory to find a local advice centre

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