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Homeless assessments

The council must carry out an assessment if you're homeless or facing homelessness.

This usually involves a face to face interview with a housing officer. Assessments are sometimes done over the phone.

You'll be asked to provide certain documents, such as wage slips, proof of benefits and evidence of medical needs.

Once the assessment is complete the council draws up a personal housing plan.

What the assessment covers

The council looks at why you are homeless or facing homelessness. They may ask for details of where you've lived before.

The council must look at your housing and support needs. This includes:

  • what you can afford

  • size and location of housing

  • any special needs relating to disability or ill health

With your permission, the housing officer can refer you to social services for further help if you have care or support needs.

Who the assessment covers

The assessment covers you and anyone who is part of your household.

This includes your partner and children, other relatives, and anyone else who usually lives with you or would do if you weren't homeless.

Help and housing if you're under 18

In most cases, social services must make sure you have a safe place to stay if you're homeless and under 18 and cannot live with your parents.

If you go to the housing department first they must:

  • provide emergency accommodation if you need it

  • assess your situation and draw up a personal housing plan

  • refer you to social services for a 'child in need' assessment

Last updated: 24 February 2022

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