Get organised with money

If you don't know where to begin getting help with your debts, find help here to get you started.

Get started

Don't ignore your money worries. Money problems can get worse if they're ignored. A missed bill or forgotten payment can lead to a penalty charge, which means you owe even more.

Take one step at a time. You could find you are dealing with your money problems quickly and easily. Use our action planners to help.

You need Adobe Reader to use our simple downloads. Download a free copy from Adobe.

Work out your income

Not sure how much money you have coming in? An action planner can help you organise your wages slips, benefits letters, P45s and P60s.

Use Shelter's Income action planner to help you work out what money you have coming in.

Look at your mortgage and living costs

Need to understand how much you are spending? An action planner can help keep track of your mortgage and living costs.

Use Shelter's Outgoings for homeowners action planner to help you work out how much you spend.

Work out your rent and living costs

Do you know how much you are spending? It could be more than you realise.

Keep track of your rent and living costs using Shelter's Outgoings for renters action planner.

Save on your energy bills

Use Shelter's energy costs saving tool to find savings in your energy bills.

Complain about letting agent unfair charges

Were you overcharged when you rented your home from a letting agent?

You may be able to make a complaint about a letting agent.

Use Shelter's letting agent dispute tool to complain to a letting agent redress scheme about your agent's poor practice.

Keep track of loans and credit card bills

Use our handy action planners to keep track of:

  • catalogue bills
  • county court judgments
  • credit cards
  • hire purchase
  • income tax
  • magistrate court fines
  • national insurance
  • overdrafts
  • personal loans
  • store cards and store credit agreements
  • student loans
  • unsecured loans (including payday loans, doorstep loans, cash advances and bank loans)

Use Shelter's Bill repayments action planner to help you keep track of your bills.

Find out more from StepChange about problems with payday loans.

Switch to save money

Review your budget and check if you:

  • are paying for services you are not using
  • could get a better deal on basics like fuel bills, phone bills and insurances
  • are keeping track of what your credit cards are really costing you

Use Shelter's Cancel it? Review it! Swap it! action planner to help you look at services you pay for.

Get a financial health check

Try the Money Advice Service health check, an online money planner designed to help everyone understand and manage their money better.

Or use AdviceGuide's budget tool to help work out how much money you have to pay towards your debts.

Do your own credit checks

A credit reference report can help you to keep track of your finances. Contact a credit reference agency and ask for a report to be sent to you. Reports cost £2 each.

The three main credit reference agencies are:

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